Genius Goku is the smartest being in all of existence and beyond in fact he is so smart that he solved all the worlds problems in less time than it takes to boil a boiled egg.

Examples of how smart Genius Goku is are shown here: proved Goldbachs conjecture true , tricked a computer into tricking itself using only simple arithmetic , proved a calculator wrong , completed an exam just by guessing , proved that division by 0 is possible under the currently accepted laws of mathematics , demonstrated the separation of liquid helium from titanium , built an inter dimensional portal gun from 8lb of solid fat , has omega post doctoral degrees , is the leading expert on parallel constructions of n*n matrices using the Greenbaum calculus of edges , mastered calculus by age negative omega , fixed his dads car back in 1892 then outfitted it with a rocket engine , entered hyperspace using nothing but a fork and 10 miles of strings , Technically created the universe as he accidentally travelled back in time to before the big bang then by pure accident caused his machine to explode thus causing the event called the big bang to happen , is partially omnipotent due to his ultimate surveillance system consisting of 10^5000 cameras all around the universe , built a robot for a science festival that could destroy entire timelines , mastered all forms of fighting including fictional ones , Has a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000th degree black belt in karate , counted to infinity and back again an infinite number of times , he cured cancer when he was born , became the emperor of the world , built a stasis chamber 4999 years ago then re awoke to find that he was still alive due to him being immortal , Is the protector of the philosophers stone , proved the existence of the 4th wall , has mastered all kinds of weapons from chop sticks to time bombs , found the equation of existence , became a god after reversing entropy , killed all the gods , is beyond atheism , invented the concept of genius , is older than his father due to time travel , killed 2 stones with one bird ,completed the final puzzle of bounding chess to 0 edge matrices.

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