5 years ago Goku travelled back in time to the beginning of everything so as to prepare himself for his ultimate transformation Super saiyan 10,000!!!!!!!!!!!

This form of Goku is so powerful that: it broke the 16th wall (the 4th wall of the 4th wall) , lifted Fat Goku off the ground , ran around the omniverse omega^omega+1 times in 1/4.10090904930490294029492049204902909092094920909204920942940924092090924094th of a second , ate 25000,0000,0000,000 big macs and was still hungry , drank all the water in every lake on Earth , jumped from one side of the internet to the other , has anti gravity hair , can fly faster than the speed of speed , punched King Kong into hyperspace , found the droids he was looking for , Managed to understand this formula: [x^x[fkkfkko;Frisbee cake >>> shove/0+sqrt(pi/i)< a^2+(b/3.5*-1/2+k.)]&2=5%+-clock = 4 , has an IQ of omega , built a time machine using only 1 gram of weed and 8lb of string , Solved the problem of how long is a piece of string (answer = 1 string lengths) , finished 0th in a race against the bolt , Solved the equation of sand: x|||z(2=3)[1][2][3][4]%= fish under water , screamed louder than a donkey on fire , killed the crack master while on horse dollop , is so rich that his money is in a parallel universe , Is cousins with the cousin of the cousin of the sister of the friend of the roommate of the twin sisters friends cousins brothers 3rd wife's flat mate from College's brothers window cleaners driving instructors nephews adopted monkeys twin sisters cousin , proved he is worthy of lifting that hammer , can understand this question: If A is a fruit and B is a seed then by definition C is a windmill using this information prove that D is not a rooster? ,killed Toaa , smoked weed everyday , Is faster than an electronic rabbit , is the fastest in the land , made a cake in less time than it took for an apple to hit the ground.